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Welcome to my world of intuitive connections with animals, nature and spirit. 






An intuitive process where I connect with present or past animal companions through photographs, verbal description, or in-person meeting.   During this process, animals reveal their viewpoints and feelings on situations or themselves, including topics such as their living situations, favorite activities, current ailments, or human family.  Through the wisdom of your animal companion, I receive images and direct responses that lead to a whole new range of information. We can also suggest new possibilities or deeply explore animal opinions and behavioral challenges.  


Regardless of the path we travel, our animals know more than we could ever imagine. Remaining open to their insight will encourage deeper understanding, healing, and love for all. I suggest writing down a few questions for me to ask your animal companion prior to our session that help begin the conversation and keep it flowing. 



Ancient peoples knew of the sacred connection between nature, our mind, body and soul. They depended upon this connection to request healing and advice from the loving, compassionate, Creator as well as animal and spiritual guides, and other realms of nature.  As a Shamanic practitioner, I reconnect animals and people with their helping spirits, thus empowering them.  

Picture a spider’s web, then, visualize this web as an analogy of the web of life.  Achieving balance in this web is what Shamanism is all about.  All of our experiences create ripples, movements, and vibrations in this web.  A Shamanic practitioner operates within the spiritual world (via rhythmic drumming and journeys) affecting the human physical world.

By incorporating modern and ancient wisdom and allowing compassionate loving energies to connect and merge with us and or our animal companions, shamanism helps to facilitate the restoration of balance.  Through restoring balance, our animals are transformed and healed.

30 mins-$60   45 mins-$90  60 mins-$120   Packages Available 

During this intuitive session, information from Source is channel to share and reveal profound truths about yourself and the world around you. During a client session, I connect with spirit, higher powers, angels and loving guides as we explore your personal and spiritual questions. Through my connection with spirit; messages, guidance and profound truths are conveyed. Transmitted in the form of images, words, feelings, or sensory perceptions, these messages help enlighten clients about their nature, relationships, soul, and life journey.


Whether you are looking for answers to deep questions, guidance on daily life, or insight into work, love, and relationships, spiritual channeling can provide clarity, ease the mind, and open your spiritual consciousness. 

30 mins-$60    45 mins-$90   60 mins-$120    Packages Available 

Intuitive Arts

(for humans)



Mary Helen

Sharing Animal Communication and Spiritual Arts has grown from my life-long passion for loving animals and a desire to deepen our relationships to become a major part of my life and career over the past ten years. I realized after spending years working in the animal health industry, that my love for animals extended far beyond their physical form to their spiritual presence as well. This led me on a path to learn more about telepathic communication, shamanism and channeling and become a practitioner and teacher myself.


I have had the pleasure to connect with clients' animals from all over the world via phone and in-person meetings, all the while discovering my own voice through listening to theirs. Every animal has a presence and purpose on this earth, and we can learn so much about ourselves and our own deeper nature from the insight of our animal companions. 

Text or email me to book:

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I also book events, classes and fairs in the Forth Worth, TX area. Please call or text 817-821-9775 or email to schedule.

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Available via phone or in-person for consultations. Same Day and immediate consultations can often be accomodated.

Client Praise


I met Mary Helen a month after my beloved dog passed away. She was spot on.  Mary Helen has given me immense peace and healing….Her gifts are true, she is an amazing blessing to all of us searching for healing and guidance.


Mary Helen has enhanced & strengthened my relationships with my pets...she has helped me understand the complexity & spirit of these magnificent beings. I use Mary Helen most of all, to "check in" with my pets when I'm out of town; what a life saver!


I've been connecting with Mary on my furry family members for quite a few years now. She is their voice; Mary has a lovely way of bringing it all together through her experience of feeling them on all levels and expressing it through energetic words.

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